Wednesday, November 26, 2014

EVENT FLYER - Please refer to "2014 Flyer"

Hi All!

It's almost time to bust out those bikes and toys and head to Moir Park in Bloomington for the 2014 Cross for Tots!

So, to make sure you make it to your race on time, I wanted to point out that the tab "2014 Flyer" is the correct, current flyer.  We are having technical difficulties and the "Flyer" tab for last year's event is malfunctioning and won't go away.  Grrrr...

Here's an extra copy of the flyer!  Until then, have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.  Eat lots, laugh more, and load up on calories for Saturday.  And while you're at it, ya might want to recruit Cousin Eddie to be the anchor for your team in the TEAM RELAY at 2:15!!!  Winning team gets a $25 Penn Cycle gift card for each rider!!!!

Party on!

Monday, November 24, 2014

"Pat Saves Cross for Tots" 2014!!!

The 2014 edition is back and even bigger and better than ever!  Due to a change in venue and needing some extra muscle to make it happen this year, we've partnered with Pat and his team at Penn Cycle and Fitness to make all these holiday dreams come true!

What else is new?

Venue:  Moir Park in Bloomington, MN.  (104th Avenue S. and Morgan Avenue South.)
Races:  Kids Race, Beginner Men/Women (30 min) at 10:30, Intermediate Men/Women (45 min) at 11:30, Advanced Men/Women (60 min) at 12:45, and the grand finale, TEAM RELAY.. 4 riders per team, one lap each, to the victor go the spoils (2:15pm).
Entry Fee:  $10+ a new, unwrapped toy for TOYS FOR TOTS!!!  Registration is on-site on race day.
What do I ride?  It's a cyclocross race, so a cyclocross bike is default.  But if you're new, don't have one, whatever.. bring a mountain bike (fat bike?).  It's gonna be an awesome course for riders of all levels.  We don't care what you ride.. we just want to see your smiling faces out ridin'!

Cross for Tots is the perfect even for beginners, too!  No license required, it's close to home, and the warmest environment around!  This one's for everybody, so bring your family, invite your neighbors, even just come out an watch.  :)

Check the flyer below for all the details!!  Or follow us on Facebook by clicking HERE.  You can find more info or donate early at any of the 7 Penn Cycle and Fitness locations or at Hollywood Cycles in Minneapolis.

Last year we raised over $1000 and collected more than 175 toys for the Twin Cities Toys for Tots.  This year, lets DOUBLE IT!  There are families in your community that need a little help making the holidays brighter... and you can do that while having a fabulously fun ride!!!

Want to see how much fun last year was?  Check out the awesome collections of photos & videos below.  

Photos on Flickr by myself:

Photos by TMB Images:

Photos by Prenzlow Perspective:

Descending the "Luge" 1st lap elite wave. ... ata_player
Hitting the "Beaches" hard!!! Look at all those racers!!! ... ata_player
THC don't get off for barriers, neither do the leaders. ... ata_player

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Save the Date!

Cross for Tots is coming back soon so save the date, Saturday November 29th, for the funnest, most giving cyclocross event in town.

Stay tuned to this site for registration details and more information coming in the next few weeks.

See ya soon!

Monday, January 6, 2014

What An Amazing Year for CX4Tots!

Although 40 below zero temps are beyond ridiculous, I'm happy to be forced to stay inside so I can finally give the last update and thank you for Cross for Tots this holiday season.

Originally, my goal was to double the number of participants, fans, and donations than we had achieved in 2011.  With 6 months of hard work, planning, and spreading the word about the event, we were so amazingly blessed when the day finally arrived and everything was perfect!  The weather was beautiful and the course Hollywood planned out went up easily with some extra help from Dan J. and Chris P. the night before.  As we set up stakes in the waning light, it was fun to talk to the neighbors that walked the trails about the event that was about to transpire.

Jay and I stayed up late organizing the raffle prizes and pre-reg packets, getting little sleep as if we were kids on Christmas Eve.  Come early the next morning, we headed out to finish the course and set up camp for the day ahead.  To our joy, Barry, Chris, Sarah, Kim, Cheryl, Chucker, and Teresa all showed up to help!  We knocked it out in no time and had an hour to catch our breath before the excitement began.

Each event category went great and we received a lot of positive feedback on the course layout and event.  For hours, we had fun watching the riders and they pedaled through the double-sandpit, navigated the off-camber trees, and descended "The Luge" aka Suicide Hill.  

New and experienced riders from MN, WI, and even SD came out to check out the action and donate to Toys for Tots.  Even the spectators and some neighbors brought toys and money to donate... I couldn't believe it!  We even had one of the largest "A" field of the season!  And, as we found out by the end of the day, we had successfully reached our goals with more than 130 participants, 175 toys collected, and $1200 cash/checks donated!!!!  

I can't say it enough, but we couldn't have done it without all of our volunteers and donations of materials and finances to help cover the costs!  Thanks to Dan, Chris, Chucker, Teresa, Sarah, Cheryl, Kim, Greg, Barry, Timmer, and Amanda for course set-up, registration, and course maintenance!  Thanks to our sponsors: Hollywood Cycles, Girl Fiend Cycling, Podiumwear, LaMere Cycles, Winter Company, 29nSngl, Mt Borah Epic Team, Olympus Supply, HED, Waffle Van, and Barbieri. Thanks to MandersonDotCom for entertaining us and keeping the music flowing!  And thank you to all the riders and spectators that helped us break it all down at the end of the day!  We did it in record time!
 With a few donations still arriving at Hollywood Cycles in the week following, we waited to bring in the donations.  Once we did, we loaded up every single square inch of our SUV with toys... so much so that, once we'd crammed them into every nook and cranny of the car, all the way to the top, I jumped in the passenger seat so Jay could pile more on top of me and between our seats.  We couldn't even see each other once we headed down the road!  When we arrived, we were greeted by three smiling Marines who were blown away as we strategically extricated the toys from the car without causing an avalanche.  It took three huge bins to get it all into the Kare11 tent and it was fun to follow it up with an envelope of $1200 to go along with it!

All the stress of organizing and putting on the event, work, life, and the holidays completely disappeared this year when we got to hand these donations over... no matter what was going on, it didn't matter when I thought of how many families in our community would have a better holiday because of all these efforts and because of everyone who helped make it happen!  You are all Holiday Heroes!  I hope you keep that in close to your heart, because a child somewhere smiled and squealed and gave their parents a massive hug... thanks to YOU!  

And this Santa has a warm heart thanks to you... you helped make this dream come true.  We hope each and every one of you had a wonderful holiday and New Year, and will bring that joy and caring into 2014.  I know we will! 

With love and gratitude, 
SantaWood, Mrs. SantaWood, and SantaDog

Here are some links to Pics & Videos:

Photos on Flickr by SantaWood:

Photos by TMB Images:

Photos by Prenzlow Perspective:

Descending the "Luge" 1st lap elite wave. ... ata_player
Hitting the "Beaches" hard!!! Look at all those racers!!! ... ata_player
THC don't get off for barriers, neither do the leaders. ... ata_player

Monday, December 9, 2013

Our final totals are almost here!

We had been on the wait-list for a drop off on the Kare 11 news so we could give a shout out to everyone who came out to participate, watch, and volunteer, but even the cold temps couldn't open a spot for us.  We were gonna announce our final totals then, but now we'll be dropping off mid-week instead.

We received some more toys and donations at Hollywood Cycles last week and are expecting a couple more by tomorrow, so I will send out our final numbers before we run it all over to Kare 11 this week...  but we're already seeing DOUBLE the toys from 2011 and FOUR TIMES the amount of monetary donations!

We couldn't have done it without all of the riders, family, friends, and neighbors that came out to donate and for all of our sponsors who helped make it happen.  Course tear-down was a breeze with everyone helping out, and we enjoyed a beautiful sunset before heading home after a perfect day :)

Thank you x a million!  You have made this the best holiday season ever, and it's just getting started!

Brimming with love and joy,

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Marines are Coming!!!

With just days to go before the big day, we're happy to announce that the Marines will be on hand to help collect donations at Cross for Tots!

Also, we've got the pre-reg packets assembled and ready to go.  If you like to get your number early, feel free to stop by Hollywood Cycles Wed. 27th from 11:00am-6:00pm to pick up your number and drop off your donation.  Otherwise, we'll have the donation/packet pick-up tent open by 9:30 day of.  You can also register at the shop if you didn't choose to do so online.

Some things to remember...
1. PARKING - only volunteers, vendors, and Marines are allowed to park in the small lot along the East side of the park.  Parking is at the Yorktown Offices at 7101 York Ave S, then just a short walk/ride south to the course/donation tent.
2. Entry Fees - bring a $5 entry fee (cash or check) to cover USAC fees, plus a toy donation or cash/check made out to Toys for Tots.  One-day licenses are available for $10... sadly USAC didn't waive all the rider fees :(
3. T-shirts available! Commemorative tees will be available at the packet pick-up tent in the center of the field for $20.
4. This is for an awesome cause!  Please be respectful of the park and surrounding neighborhood.
5. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!  Bring your family & friends to enjoy the race and help support Toys for Tots!

You are a Holiday Hero!  Thank you ahead of time for coming out and helping make the holidays brighter for families in our community!

Brimming with Joy,

Friday, November 22, 2013

Just 8 days to go!!

Want to make a donation to CX for Tots, but can't make it to the event? Feel free to drop off your donation at Hollywood Cycles M-F 11:00am-6:00pm until Wed. 27th closing.

And, if you want to register in person or pick up your pre-registered number and drop off your donation before the event, we will have number pick-up on Wed. Nov. 27th at the shop from 11:00-6:00pm! Come in, donate, and pick up any last minute bike needs .. gus, tubes, gloves, a new LaMere cx frame...

If you haven't registered yet, you still can via the site: on the "Register Here" page. (to avoid spam, there is a delay in seeing your entry online as we have to moderate it).

Winter Company has been amazingly generous and have offered to print sweet tshirts for the event.  There's a limited supply and they'll be onsite for purchase at the donation tent!

We've already topped our highest counts and I'm confident this will be the best course yet! Remember - parking is at the Yorktown Offices at 7101 York Ave S, behind the building - the lot alongside the playground is reserved for the neighborhood, vendors, and volunteers. 

Thank you!